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At Aslizan, Intan, Ruwaida & Partners, our unwavering commitment is to efficiently resolve our clients' legal matters with a steadfast focus on their best interests. Our distinguished team of attorneys is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled level of personalized attention, crafting bespoke strategies that precisely address your unique needs.

We comprehend the profound importance of the outcomes in your case and are resolute in guiding you through challenges with results that favor your position. Our passionate team, hailing from diverse backgrounds, forms the backbone of Aslizan, Intan, Ruwaida & Partners, offering a breadth of legal services tailored to each client we represent.

Our firm takes pride in its extensive knowledge and adaptability, excelling in handling a diverse array of legal issues, with specialized expertise in complex litigation and real estate matters. These encompass areas such as business contracts, commercial disputes, construction contracts, and real estate title and sale issues.

"Providing Professional Counsel, Conveying Personal Touch" is not just a tagline for us; it encapsulates our ethos. We prioritize quality over quantity, underscoring our commitment to delivering the highest standard of legal services. As your trusted legal partner, we strive to be the beacon you can rely on for all your legal needs.

Aslizan, Intan, Ruwaida & Partners (AIRP) is a legal firm that has experienced significant growth since its establishment. The firm's journey began on 9 April 2019, in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, as a sole proprietorship under the name Siti Ruwaida & Co (SRC), with Mrs. Siti Ruwaida at the helm.

Under Mrs. Siti Ruwaida's leadership, SRC quickly established a reputation for providing excellent legal services and building strong relationships with clients. As the firm's client base grew, there was a need to expand its operations to better serve clients in different locations.

To meet this demand, SRC opened two additional branches, one in Seremban and another in Selangor. The new branches allowed the firm to reach a wider clientele and provide more convenient access to legal services across multiple regions.

As the firm continued to evolve and expand, it underwent a significant transformation. On January 1st, 2020, Siti Ruwaida & Co made a strategic decision to change its name to Aslizan, Intan, Ruwaida & Partners (AIRP). This rebranding reflected the firm's growth and the inclusion of new partners, namely Aslizan and Intan, who joined Mrs. Siti Ruwaida in leading the firm.

The new name, AIRP, emphasized the collaborative and partnership-based approach that the firm adopted. It also demonstrated the commitment of the partners to provide comprehensive legal services across various practice areas.

Since the name change, Aslizan, Intan, Ruwaida & Partners has continued to thrive and expand its operations. The firm has earned a strong reputation for its professionalism, expertise, and dedication to serving the legal needs of its clients.

Today, AIRP remains a prominent and trusted legal firm in Malaysia, with its four partners leading a team of skilled and experienced lawyers. The firm's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction continues to drive its success as it navigates the dynamic landscape of the legal industry.

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